Dressing Room

Rockin’ Some Cowgirl Boots

Cowgirl boots have hit the streets and have even made it all the way to… Hollywood?? Yes, that’s right, originally called “cowboy” boots and made for riding, they are now walking down city streets to show they got what it takes! Done right, cowgirl boots can be paired with jeans, shorts, skirts and even dresses for a more rustic, sexy look.

Above, I have paired some short leather boots with a casual wide neck top, rugged denim shorts and added some feather earrings and a leather bag for a completed look from hm.com.

Wide Neck Top $14.95 (H&M)

Rugged Denim Shorts $24.95 (H&M)

Boots $34.95 (H&M)

Feather Earrings $9.95 (H&M)

Leather Bag $14.95 (H&M)

The Everyday Girls… You and I

Lookbook.nu is one of my favorite sites where you become inspired by everyday girl fashion finds from all around the world. These girls are just like you and I, pairing their bargain to luxury brand clothing and accessories together for a well-styled look. This site screams style and pizzazz, and for once, we, the everyday girls, are the focus for setting the trends, instead of the Hollywood celebrities we see on our TV screens.

Check out these photos and more like this via Lookbook.nu.


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