There’s No Place Like Home

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“There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home” according to Dorothy in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. If you don’t agree with Dorothy, I found some great budget- friendly ideas from to really give your home a makeover, while making you feel all warm and cozy inside. These are some of my favorites:  

1. Dress up your couch with colorful pillows in a variety of sizes and shapes. Not only will they give the room more personality, they’ll also make it more comfortable and inviting—for family and friends alike.

2. Bake chocolate-chip cookies—just because. Don’t worry if they’re from a mix or a tube. It’s the chocolate that counts. As an added bonus, your house will smell great! Or, as an alternative, try whipping up cupcakes or bread from one of our premade mixes.

3. Silver accents add luster to a room. Position a large silver or mercury glass bowl in the center of your dining room or coffee table and fill it with whatever makes you happy.

4. Serve ice cream sundaes—in martini glasses!

5. Venture into the wild. Add an animal print to your living room. Even if it’s small—a throw pillow, a picture frame—it will add some modern punch to your decor.

6. Play upbeat music during breakfast and sing along. Whether it’s classic rock, reggae or country, start your day with a song.  

7. Purchase a luxuriously scented hand wash and candle for your bathroom. When entertaining, light the candle as guests begin to arrive. Not only will it give the room an inviting glow, it will also subtly perfume the air. (Be sure to place unattended lit candles in a container or on a glass, metal or stone base to safeguard against accidents.)

8. Treat yourself to a divine mug of gourmet coffee…in your slippers.

9. Make the after-dinner dishwashing experience more pleasant for everyone with botanically infused dish cleansers and hand lotions. The fresh herbal scents will give a whole new meaning to “clean,” and the bottles are pretty enough to be left sitting out.

10. To encourage prep help in the kitchen: Add a perch for visitors. Stools are inexpensive, multipurpose and often painted in fun colors, and they fit easily in even the most cramped kitchen. Invest in one and you’ll rarely be without a companion while cooking dinner.

11. Turn your bathroom into a relaxing oasis with an assortment of scented bath oils, luxurious lotions and plush spa towels—and be the first to take advantage with a tranquil soak in the tub.

12. Celebrate holidays—and not just the big ones. Bake a cherry pie on Washington’s Birthday and festoon your tables with vases of American flags on Flag Day. Our motto: Never, ever pass up a chance to turn dinnertime into a party.

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