Become An Organized Closet Freak

June 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

Organize! First things first girls, let’s organize our limited closet space. The best way to organize a wardrobe is by sections such as: professional, casual, lounge, nightlife and  jackets. P.S. – Don’t forget about the little accessories that take up so much of our space like shoes, handbags, scarves and belts.

Purge & Donate! After going through your closet, purge and donate pieces that have been taking up space for awhile. Whether the clothes are way too small or just way too old, you will be surprised how good it feels to get rid of these pieces that are creating clutter in your life. P.S. – Donating will always feel good. 

Retire the Chaos! I like to retire some pieces that remind me of not so good ex-boyfriends. For instance I retired a favorite bright blue halter dress after all I thought about was one night where my ex stuck his head out the window to flirt with a car of hollering girls, where they preceded to expose a little more than cleavage than I wanted to see in their drunken states. Needless to say this favorite dress has been retired and worn as a fairy Halloween costume instead. P.S. – Retiring some pieces will make you feel cleansed and less stressed in your everyday life.

Know Your Wardrobe! It is essential to know your wardrobe and know it well. For instance, years ago my little sister use to steal my clothes from my building wardrobe and whether I would be getting ready to go out to a night club or getting ready to go to work, instantly I noticed the black spaghetti strap mini dress or the baby pink button-down ruffled shirt that was missing. I would frantically search for it until I realized a thief, my little sister, had it stashed in her hamper. After so long, I literally started locking my wardrobe up in suitcases so it would not go missing because my wardrobe was all I had to show where most of my money was disappearing to. P.S. – You want to know what you have in your wardrobe, not become obsessed with it like I did.

Make a Wish List! It’s time to plan by making a list of a few things you really want to enhance your wardrobe. Post your list on the refrigerator so you are aware of the pieces you really want for your wardrobe. For instance my list consists of:

  • White Skinny Jeans
  • Professional Gray Pants
  • Jean Boyfriend Shorts

Prowl Alert! Lastly, be on the prowl for low priced additional pieces you want for your wardrobe. If you find a piece that you think is a low enough price, then purchase it and always hold onto the receipt. 

Return! Ask about the return policy and circle the expiration date on the receipt. This is in case you find the piece for cheaper elsewhere before you actually wear it. P.S. – Remember, when it comes to saving, every penny counts.

Breathe! Lastly, breathe, step back and enjoy an orderly space for your improved wardrobe. You have now “become an organized closet freak.”

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